Top 7 Essential Scaffolding Safety Tips

Working at heights is one of the riskiest job ever and therefore needs those who work at heights to perform with the appropriate safety precautions. There are number of safety precautions one should take and one of those is the usage of Scaffold.

Scaffolding is basically a temporary structure which is used to support the original structure. Those who use it are at risk of falls which ultimately can result in death or disability. If appropriate safety practices and protocols are observed then such safety structures are quite safe like other elevated techniques. It is important that these scaffolding are stable and strong so that the construction work can be done properly.

Let’s take a brief look at 7 essential scaffolding safety tips:

1. Proper Training

According to the latest safety policies, it is made important for the employees working on or near scaffolding are properly trained and informed on how the scaffolds were designed and operated. This includes how to get on and off of the scaffolding properly, how to prevent falls and how to respond to emergency situations even while on the scaffolding. This sort of training is very important to keep not only yourself, but everybody else on and below the scaffolding.

2. Check Scaffolding properly

Always ensure that you inspect scaffolding thoroughly before using it. Check to make sure the base is secured, and that it is leveled and adjusted properly according to the lean of the building. Make sure that every single guardrail and plank is installed safely and securely, and also look out for elevation changes, obstructions (such as wires), and weather conditions.
Always be sure that you always inspect scaffolding properly before using it. Ensure that each and every guardrail and plank is installed securely and firmly, and also look for the elevation changes, obstructions (such as wire connections), and climate.

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