Top 5 Most Common Hazards on Construction Sites and Safety Tips

Construction industry is one of major sources of employment. In fact, it is one of the “high demand and high paying” industries all over the world. However, along with every positive side, there are few extremely dangerous hazards which come along with the work at the construction sites.

Construction projects can be very small, like the construction of small part of the apartments, or sometimes a large but either way, hazards and the risks of injury always exists. Therefore, proper planning and precautions play very critical role in safety of workers on the construction sites.

So, before you go ahead and start your work on construction site, here are a few hazards that are usually present at construction sites, and some of the key safety tips for you to avoid these risks.

1. Working on Scaffolding

Scaffolds is one of the most commonly used equipment at the construction sites. Millions of workers use these scaffolding, day and night. The risk of falling from these scaffolds is very high.

Protection Tips

  1. Try not to alter the scaffolding without consulting the manufacturer

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Authors Bio:

Stanley Stem is a Content Writer of Bastion Safety Solutions. He specializes in sharing his views about workplace safety. He is keen to create awareness in employees/workers on how they can keep themselves safe and secure while working either at any construction site or in any organization. He loves to research and provide the useful information to his readers.

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