eLearning vs Classroom Training — Whats the Best Way to Learn?

Do you remember camping when you were a kid? Remember the campground water pump…much like the one pictured above. If your local well was anything like the dozen I’ve worked with…the “input to output” ratio was pretty lop sided. I must have pulled the lever 500 times to get half a liter of water.

I’m sure these pumps weren’t actually hooked up to a “well”…they were just used to get me out of Mom & Dad’s hair…

Fast forward to 2017. Times have changed since I was a kid. Now, I can fire up a high-volume pump and fill a 500-liter tank in minutes…similar to holding a fire hose! Oh, the water pumps are still in the campground…but you’d be wasting a lot of time and effort…and I mean A LOT of time and effort to get 500 liters of water out of a hand pump.

eLearning vs Classroom Training: Why It’s Time to Make the Change.

The whole pump scenario bears a striking resemblance to workplace training.

Conventional Training much like the campground water pump is burdened huge overhead costs, including facility rentals, minimum, and maximum class sizes, geographical location, travel time, per diem, non-productive time, inconsistent delivery, and communication issues.

eLearning (online training), the “High-Volume Pump” really starts to “Pull Away” as a solution when you realize that it overcomes almost all the constraints of conventional training. Unlimited participants, unrestrained delivery schedules, pay as you go regardless of location, built in accountablity and reductions of 66% in non-productive time. All this, and your message is delivered consistently every time.

Read complete article here: https://bastionsafe.com/blog/elearning-vs-classroom/

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