Beat the Summer Heat! Avoiding and Treating Heat-Related Illness

Summer has returned! It seems tough for me to think about the season without a nod to Kid Rock. His song “All Summer Long” drags me back to the summer of 2002 and it’s blazing heat…which gives me both a feeling of nostalgia, and being 2 days older than dirt. To be honest…the two feelings are becoming easier to rationalize with each passing day.

If you’re up for a trip down memory lane, click on the link to the right, and enjoy a little serenade from the Kid Rock himself as you read.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have multi-platinum albums to celebrate, while chillin’ at the beach. I spent the summer of 2002 working in the northern regions of Alberta, Canada. A region famous for bitterly cold winters, scorchingly hot, dry summers, and mosquitos large enough to carry away a medium sized dog. Believe it or not, the region was prone to temperature swings as high as 38 C (100 F) and as low as -17.3 C (63 F) in the summer, yes, you read that right. In the summer. (check out historical weather here)

I’d been working in oil sands mining operations, and crude oil upgraders for my entire career at that point. I went through my entire apprenticeship training program, actually my whole academic career to that point, and had never learned anything about temperature-related illness. As you might have already figured out, knowing how to take proper precautions in extreme heat — while wearing full fire retardant coveralls and PPE should be common knowledge.

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