5 Essential Tools for Facility Management

I’m not one for circuses or even street performers, maybe I’m just too serious. But I do recall one time sitting slack jawed watching acrobats, trapeze and high wire acts at Cirque du Soleil. When you see something on such a grand scale, with elaborate sets, skilled acrobats, and careful attention to detail, you really must admit it’s awe inspiring. Amongst all those acrobats, buried deep in the fray was a juggler. Not really a remarkable task when compared to the high flyers, acrobats, and other Red Bull-esque intensity. I guess I really didn’t have an appreciation for the juggler. That is until recently when I came across the above picture while prepping this article, and had a good chuckle as I drew the similarities between juggling and my years in facility management.

Have a quick read, and see if you agree. It’s my hope that at least what you’re juggling isn’t on fire.

Facility Management also known as Facility Maintenance leans heavily into asset management territory. Its primary functions are to schedule & record completed maintenance, prioritize maintenance activity, and equipment history.

For the purpose of keeping this article short…we’ll only refer to two types of maintenance activities:

Essential Tool # 1 An Asset Management System:

“the optimal lifecycle management of the physical assets of an organization. It covers subjects including the design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning or replacement of plant, equipment, and facilities.” (Wikipedia)

A good EAM (sometimes called a CMMS — Computerized Maintenance Management System) will manage every aspect of your maintenance administration, scheduling, inventory, and customizable reports…like rework percentages. You can use it to really drill down into where your problems trends lie and then resolve them.

Read here full article: https://bastionsafe.com/facilities/essential-tools-for-facility-management/

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