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Remember movie night?

I do. I grew up in a little boomtown, north of everywhere, and often we’d spend Friday nights cruising the aisles of the local video store searching for movies, or video games and then hoof it home. But, no matter how fondly I remember movie nights, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever rent one again. The truth is that the business model has become a “Dinosaur” amongst its peers.

Blockbuster was well-run. As a matter of fact, they were credited with being leaders in their industry. How then did they suffer such catastrophic failure? Read more about it…

Perhaps I’m a little nostalgic.

With the announcement of Sir Sean Connery’s passing last week, I’ve found my thoughts wandering to him, and some of the roles he’s played. Whether a suave spy as “007” or a bumbling father in “Indiana Jones”. By far though, it was one of his smaller roles that I recall. His role as “Robert McDougal” in the film “Entrapment“ I found to be one of my favorites. A highly organized, professional art thief, much of his time was spent mentoring a young Catherine Zeta-Jones in the art of thievery, through increasingly complex and intricate security measures.

You may ask yourself…

Working at heights is one of the riskiest job ever and therefore needs those who work at heights to perform with the appropriate safety precautions. There are number of safety precautions one should take and one of those is the usage of Scaffold.

Scaffolding is basically a temporary structure which is used to support the original structure. Those who use it are at risk of falls which ultimately can result in death or disability. If appropriate safety practices and protocols are observed then such safety structures are quite safe like other elevated techniques. …

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Why workplace safety is important? There is more to this question than one think.

Workplace safety is very important for each and every employee in the industry because all the workers desire to work in a safe and protected atmosphere. Health and safety is the key factor for all the industries in order to promote the wellness of both employees and employers. It is a duty and moral responsibility of the company to look after the employee’s protection.

Each and every person who leaves his home for his work in the morning should come back to his home in evening…

Workplace safety is one of the most important things that is mandatorily followed by the organizations. There are number of small businesses and startups who have volatile and unstable work environments. But no matter where you work, the thing any employee/worker demands for is a workplace safety. Any sort of injury can be harmful to the business and to the workers, who are actually getting and running things properly. Injuries or accidents at workplace lead to the loss of productivity, higher worker’s compensation costs, lawsuits, and sometimes damage the reputation of the business too.

It is important that the organizations…

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Word related Safety and Health Act is a wellbeing and security standard. OSHA ensures about work environment wellbeing and take care about the security particulars by giving the instructional class, and administrations to the laborers by utilizing the different ventures.

Different acknowledged establishments give OSHA recognized the wellbeing instructional classes. With proficient mentors, they give the top quality comfort thoughts to their customers as per OSHA principles. OSHA instructional classes will impart in customers fairly all-normal approach with regards to working environment wellbeing. …

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The health care industry is the fastest-growing sector worldwide. In this domain, there are more than 18 million staff and about 80 % of the staff is the women.

Health care staff face several serious safety side effects on their workplace. In fact, infections at work place and nonfatal incidents are highest amongst the healthcare workers. They face a variety of health risks, which includes back sufferings, needle stick incidents, latex risks, blood borne pathogens, potential chemical substance and drug exposures, laser dangers, radioactive materials, work environment assault, and stress.

The injury rates are even higher, where the staff face…

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I’m not one for circuses or even street performers, maybe I’m just too serious. But I do recall one time sitting slack jawed watching acrobats, trapeze and high wire acts at Cirque du Soleil. When you see something on such a grand scale, with elaborate sets, skilled acrobats, and careful attention to detail, you really must admit it’s awe inspiring. Amongst all those acrobats, buried deep in the fray was a juggler. Not really a remarkable task when compared to the high flyers, acrobats, and other Red Bull-esque intensity. I guess I really didn’t have an appreciation for the juggler…

Dangerous goods are transported across the country on a daily basis by rail, air and road, constantly coming into contact with industry workers and the general public. To protect these individuals from the hazards associated with the transport of flammable, toxic, explosive, or corrosive substances, the TDG Act and Regulations were put in place.

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The TDG act sets out the general guidelines and rules and the Regulations dictate the rules that apply to each mode of transport, the various classifications of hazardous goods, and the training requirements for those involved in the transportation of dangerous goods. The Regulations dictate that…

Construction industry is one of major sources of employment. In fact, it is one of the “high demand and high paying” industries all over the world. However, along with every positive side, there are few extremely dangerous hazards which come along with the work at the construction sites.

Construction projects can be very small, like the construction of small part of the apartments, or sometimes a large but either way, hazards and the risks of injury always exists. Therefore, proper planning and precautions play very critical role in safety of workers on the construction sites.

So, before you go ahead…

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